The Journal of slevanfritz.
this blows!! 02-27-07 19:36
i just found out that the lunar eclispe is going to happen march third but we in the western part aren't able to see it untill its almost over!!! (im start to feel my anarcalepsie coming on !!
saddness 01-09-07 18:06
one of my friends is coming home from the hospital on friday
( she had been in a coma because of a car reck ) now
she has suffred permenant brain damage and will
have the mental capacity of a 4 to 12 yeah old and she wont
remember who i am ever . this is to sad
yep wonderfied!! 01-04-07 19:10
so i went to the doctor and she said that my back, neck
and shoulders are going to be as good as they get( for
those of you who dont know i was in a most joyous car reck
some months ago) and yeah it really means youre fucked
up and your just going to live with that oh well at least im
still getting out of pe!!

so yep and more on being wonderful erik is now back in SC
and just two days after he is gone i get sick !! these is
is just too much isnt it !!
because im engaged!!! erik proposed to me on the 26 and
of course i said yes and it has been great since. and of
yes love the ring !!!
yess 12-11-06 18:22
i had an adult (beside my parents) say that my painting
was good !!! yeah !! im happpy!!
this is bullshit!!! 12-11-06 18:17
ok i downloaded one of these eaudiobooks and it took
3 fucking hours!!! and after i had downloaded it , it said
that i had downloaded the damn fucking licenses in
another computer and i didnt!!!!. i hate this sooooooo
very much with a passion!!!!
erik got a cell phone !!! and now i can talk to him whenever i want and he can also go on the computer!!!
candy 11-21-06 19:12
what can this mean?
I have no thought;
it pounds me like raging fire.

could it go away?
it seeps into my every pore pulling me in.

my mind is racing
the taste of candy still lingers on to me.

well i havent been on here in months so im going to write!!i have been going out with erik for three months!!! but i have also been upset lately because he leaves for bootcamp tuesday and i wont see him for another three months!!!